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  Price lists


  Business coaching


  Health & Life Insurance

  Roofing Fax Leads

 Restaurant Specials
  Group activities

  Sending invoices
   to existing clients


  Grand openings

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Over 6 Million US Fax Numbers
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Why Use Fax Broadcast

* Get time sensitive information instantly faxed to decision makers
* Target Your Fax List To Specific Industries Or SIC Codes
* Over
6 Million Fax Business Numbers To Choose From
* Fax to existing or new customer lists updated products and services
* Accurate marketing method to directly reach decision makers
* Immediately distribute to target audience Press Releases
* Company Newsletters have better chance being read in Print
* Product & Consumer Alerts
* Legal Notices
* Product Recalls

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 Need A Fax System That Sends Over 50,000 Faxes A Day?

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